Himalayan tea light Triad


100% Pure Himalayan Salt

Less stress

Positive energy

With dimmer

Everything about Triad

Himalayan tealight holder Triad is a piece of pure nature, shaped by the forces of the earth. In this organic, round creation you will find the essence of the Himalayas captured, with its three graceful recesses for tea lights, bringing the warmth and tranquility of the mountains straight to your home!

- Improved air quality
- Reduced stress
- Calming atmosphere
- Creates unique atmosphere
- Positive energy

This beautiful Himalayan salt tealight holder Triade is almost a gift from nature itself. It brings the natural harmony of the mountains straight to your living space. Its bright orange hue radiates warmth and energy, making this tealight holder a fiery addition to any room and bringing the vitality of nature into your interior!

Effect of Himalayan salt

These beautiful salt stone tea light holders have been carefully selected and made from 100% pure Himalayan salt. The salt stone tea light holders are rich in natural minerals that are essential for a healthy body and mind.

When the salt stone tea light holders are heated, negative ions (healthy) are released into the air, neutralizing the positive ions (unhealthy) from, for example, electrical appliances.

In addition to restoring balance to your room, the tea lights also attract moisture, causing the lamp to "sweat". This can be seen and felt in the salt. Attracting moisture ensures that harmful substances are removed from the air and absorbed by the Himalayan salt lamp tealight.

This removes these harmful particles from the ambient air and improves air quality, which can relieve allergies and asthma symptoms.

Atmospheric salt stone tealight holders made from Himalayan salt are a perfect way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home. By placing a tealight in the holder, the unique and beautiful pattern of the salt stone comes to life. The warm glow of the flame in combination with the soothing effect of the salt stone creates a relaxing and harmonious atmosphere in any room.

How do you keep Triad in top condition?

Our Triad is made from 100% natural Himalayan salt, each product is therefore unique and may differ from the image. This hygroscopic salt lamp attracts moisture, causing it to "sweat" more.

But don't worry, by placing the lamp in a suitable place or using a coaster, you will prevent moisture from damaging your furniture. If the lamp becomes damp, you can easily dry it with a dry cloth.

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