White LP Holder Freddie - 10 pieces




Easy installation


Everything about Freddie 10 pieces

Get the most out of your vinyl collection with the LP Holder Freddie - the ideal solution for any music lover looking for a stylish and practical way to hang his or her favorite records on the wall!

- 'Invisible' design
- Suitable for all LPs
- Easy installation
- Extra screw hole for optimal safety
- Perfect gift for music lovers

Surrounded by your favorite musical greats from the past. That's exactly what LP Holder Freddie makes possible. It recreates the nostalgia and brings back the magic of vinyl records to your modern living space.

The uniqueness of Freddie 10 pieces

Whether you have a few albums or a complete collection, this record holder is a must-have for any interior and a perfect way to keep your records within reach. The modern black design of the LP holder, called Freddie, is perfect for displaying your favorite vinyl singles and albums safely and stylishly on the wall.

Thanks to the raised edge of the LP holder, you can present not only LPs, but also other vinyl covers in an attractive way. Moreover, the design is so optimal that the LP holder is barely visible when hanging on the wall!

Experience a smooth and effortless installation with the LP Holder storage system. What makes it extra attractive is that you don't have to make major holes in valuable walls or furniture.

For those who want the highest possible safety, we recommend using the supplied screws. When purchasing the LP holder, a cleaning agent is also included to degrease the intended installation location, so that you can attach the LP holders to the desired location immediately upon receipt.

A sustainable alternative

Freddie 10 pieces is made of PLA, or Polyactic Acid, a biological
biodegradable and sustainable alternative to plastic.

This material is made of
reusable plant sources, such as corn, wheat and sugar cane. It is
flexible, strong and environmentally friendly. Not only is the Freddie 10 pieces environmentally friendly, but also the box in which we send the product!

We have consciously chosen grass cardboard boxes, which are made from grass and mowing waste.

If you look closely, you will see this structure everywhere. Because they are made from environmentally friendly and renewable raw materials, they are 100% recyclable.

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