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Everything about Bookshelf Newt

Imagine a magical way to store your books and make a statement in your home at the same time. Amazing, right? That's exactly what you can achieve with a floating bookshelf.

- Creates a floating illusion
- Functional decorative element
- Easy installation
- Minimalist design
- Biodegradable

It's the ultimate way to organize your book collection in a stylish way and at the same time add a unique decorative element to your interior!

The uniqueness of Bookshelf Newt

Minimalist design
The invisible bookshelf fits into modern interiors due to its minimalist design and is available in a matte black look. The design and strength of the shelf allows different books to be stored in different ways, creating a dynamic and interesting look.

In addition, the installation process is simple and requires only a few simple steps. The shelf comes with all necessary hardware and can be mounted to the wall in minutes.

Multifunctional use!
This floating invisible bookshelf is not only suitable for storing books, but also for displaying other items such as photo albums, magazines, souvenirs and works of art. By placing multiple shelves next to each other, you can create your own unique design and transform an entire wall into a floating bookshelf.

A sustainable alternative

Bookshelf Newt is made of PLA, or Polyactic Acid, a biological
biodegradable and sustainable alternative to plastic.

This material is made of
reusable plant sources, such as corn, wheat and sugar cane. It is
flexible, strong and environmentally friendly. Not only is the Bookshelf Newt environmentally friendly, but also the box in which we send the product!

We have consciously chosen grass cardboard boxes, which are made from grass and mowing waste.

If you look closely, you will see this structure everywhere. Because they are made from environmentally friendly and renewable raw materials, they are 100% recyclable.

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Staat erg leuk !

Schroeven zitten erbij. Pakket heeft alles en je kunt het zo ophangen. Vindt de prijs kwaliteit verhouding wat minder. Vindt het nogal prijzig voor 4 metalen plankjes.

Simpelweg geweldig!

4 maal boekenplank hangt aan de muur, leuk ontwerp waardoor je de boeken "zweven". Bevalt goed