Light bulb e14 - 15w


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100% Pure Himalayan Salt

Less stress

Positive energy

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Everything about Light bulb e14 - 15w

Make your Himalayan salt lamp shine with our beautiful salt lamp bulb. This small but powerful accessory is designed to fit into the cavity of your salt lamp, giving off an enchanting glow!

- Fits any cable
- Dimmable
- Fitting e14
- Wattage 15w
- Voltage 220v

The powerful light fits perfectly into your existing salt lamp and transforms it into a beautiful luminous work of art.

Additional information about Light bulb e14 - 15w

This lamp has been developed to bring out the natural beauty of the salt crystals and create a soothing atmosphere. Place it in your salt lamp and enjoy the warm, soft lighting that not only beautifies the space, but can also help improve air quality by generating negative ions.

With our salt lamp light you can bring out the rustic charm of the Himalayan salt lamps and create a relaxing ambiance in your home. Enjoy the magical radiance it brings and let its calming glow soothe your senses!

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Fabienne Paepe
Lamp en kaarthouders

Vlug geleverd, zorgvuldig ingepakt en artikel zoals beschreven. Perfect and beautifull