Himalayan night light Julia


100% Pure Himalayan Salt

Less stress

Positive energy

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Everything about Julia

Do you want to create an oasis of peace and relaxation in your busy life? The salt lamp night light Julia is the perfect solution for your need for rest. With its soft, warm glow and natural appearance, this lamp provides a calming atmosphere in any room!

- Improved air quality
- Reduced stress
- A better night's sleep
- Creates unique atmosphere
- Positive energy

This little wonder of nature will transform your bedroom into an oasis of peace and serenity. Let the soft, calming light of the Julia salt lamp guide you to dreamland, while adding a touch of Himalaya to your bedroom!

Effect of Himalayan salt

This beautiful salt lamp has been carefully selected and made from 100% pure Himalayan salt. Himalayan salt is rich in 84 natural minerals that are essential for a healthy body and mind.

When the Himalayan salt lamp is heated, negative ions (healthy) are released into the air, neutralizing the positive ions (unhealthy), for example from electrical appliances.

The salt lamp night light emits a soft, pink glow that creates a serene atmosphere in any room. This soothing lighting not only promotes relaxation, but also encourages a good night's sleep.

Place the salt lamp nightlight in your bedroom and enjoy the warm, red-pink color that helps you completely relax after a busy day. Waking up to the soft, natural light of our salt lamps is a relief compared to bright light shining into your eyes. The salt lamp night light provides the perfect ambiance for a peaceful and wonderful sleep.

Our salt lamp night light is not only beautiful and functional, but also very user-friendly. It is designed to simply be plugged into the wall at an electrical socket, so you can immediately enjoy the soothing atmosphere it creates.

The salt lamps are equipped with a handy on/off switch, making it easy to operate. With a simple push of a button you can turn the lighting on or off, exactly as you want. This handy feature ensures that you have full control over the lighting and can enjoy the calming atmosphere at any time.

How do you keep Julia in top condition?

Our Julia is made from 100% natural Himalayan salt, each product is therefore unique and may differ from the image. This hygroscopic salt lamp attracts moisture, causing it to "sweat" more.

But don't worry, by placing the lamp in a suitable place or using a coaster, you will prevent moisture from damaging your furniture. If the lamp becomes damp, you can easily dry it with a dry cloth.

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